bride to be

Getting organized is the best way to avoid missteps and their accompanying headaches.  You've got a lot on your plate, so what was once "free time" may now have to be used more productively.  Since you're already a busy bride-to-be, we've put together a wedding checklist that may come in handy.

There's always so much to do before a wedding.  To make sure your day is successful and memorable; here's a handy checklist of all the duties you have to perform.

Colour coding:  Groom Bride Together 

Twelve To Eighteen Months Before

Ask her parents for her hand in marriage.

Buy engagement ring and propose.
Announce your engagement to friends and family.
Discuss date, hour of wedding and type of wedding.
Discuss the financial wedding budget with both sets of parents.
Open a bank account to start saving.
Decide what type of ceremony you want.  Book church and Marriage Officer.
Visit different wedding venues.  Book your venue.

Nine To Twelve Months Before
Decide on the theme and colour of your wedding.
Choose type of reception.
Book Photographer.
Book Videographer.
Book DJ.
Meet with different Caterers.  Book your Caterer.
Book Decorator.
Hire Bridal Consultant.
Choose Best Man.
Choose members of your wedding party.
Discuss guest list.
Select dress, headpiece and shoes.
Select lingerie and accessories.
Choose bridesmaids dresses and shoes.
Start planning and arranging honeymoon.
Decide if you want to do premarital classes.

Six To Nine Months Before
Revise budget.
Purchase wedding rings.
Plan menu and decorations.
Announce engagement in newspaper.
Make beauty appointments.
Book suite for wedding night.
Complete guest list with full names, addresses and phone numbers.
Have both mothers select dresses.
Select men's attire.
Finalize all honeymoon plans, reservations, flight arrangements, etc.
Arrange passports if necessary.
Get both you and your best man fitted for attire and place order.
Decide on wine for reception.
Decide on open or cash bar.
Attend gown fittings with shoes.

Four To Six Months Before
Finalize ceremony details.
Book Florist.
Finalize guest list.
Book your makeup and hairstylist.
Facials, skin treatments, waxing.
Check hotel availability for guests.
Start arranging transport.
Decide on your wedding gift registry.
Order wedding cake.
Order accessories for reception (guest book, pen, cake knife, garter, etc.)
Confirm menu with Caterer.

To Four Months Before

Check requirements for obtaining a marriage license.  Apply for license. 
Pick up wedding rings, make sure they fit well and check engraving.
Select MC and readers for ceremony.
Decide on music for ceremony and reception.
Finalize details for ceremony.
Finalize details with all professionals.
Facials, skin treatments, waxing.
Call insurance broker for wedding insurance.
Discuss layout of your wedding invitations, programs and menus.  Finalize for printing.
Create seating plan and name cards.
Purchase gifts for parents.
Order wedding favors.

Two Months Before
Send out wedding invitations.
Get forms for address and name change.
Write down your marriage vows.
Confirm honeymoon arrangements.
Purchase gift for fiance. 
Purchase gifts for best man and bridesmaids.
Arrange accommodation for guests.
Plan luncheon for bridesmaids.
Facials, skin treatments, waxing.

One Month Before
Pick up marriage license.
Dental appointment.
Facial, skin treatment, waxing.
First spray tanning session.
Check for all reception accessories.
Write your speech.
Phone all professionals and confirm date and times.
Hand out agenda sheets for wedding day to the Photographer, Videographer, DJ, Marriage Officer, MC and attendants.
Final fitting for gown and dresses.
Arrange for someone to take your dress to the cleaners after the reception.

Two Weeks Before
Pick up gown and bridesmaid dresses.
Have trial hairstyles and makeup.  Colour hair for the last time before the wedding.
Gather marriage documents and marriage license.
Arrange details for your wedding day transport.
Confirm honeymoon arrangements and purchase traveller's cheques.
Make sure best man know duties.
Go over seating arrangements.  Confirm final number of guests.
Organize the rehearsal for the ceremony.
Settle outstanding payments.

One Week Before
Go over all detail.
Confirm final number of guests with Caterer and specify dietary restrictions.
Make up emergency kit to take with you.
Facial, skin treatment, waxing.
Last spray tanning session.
Confirm all details with professionals.
Confirm times with best man and father.
Double check honeymoon plans.
Pack for honeymoon.
Have a haircut.

One Day Before
Pick up tuxedos and shoes.
Set up reception hall.
Gifts to parents and attendants.
 Get a manicure and pedicure.
Wash your hair and use a light conditioner.
Get a good night's rest.

Wedding Day
Eat a healthy breakfast.
Relax and enjoy the day.  The more at ease your mind and body are, the better you'll look.
Remember your dress, headpiece, veil, shoes, accessories, lingerie, emergency kit, agenda, program and honeymoon luggage.
Have hair and makeup done at least 3 hours ahead.
Allow yourself plenty of time to dress - 2 hours.
Have flowers delivered or picked up - bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres.
Ask your sister or best friend to keep an eye on you and let you know if you need a touch-up.  They might also do you the favour of carrying the emergency kit for easy access.
Ensure that the best man has the wedding rings and marriage license.
Give the best man the Marriage Officer's fee in a sealed envelope.
Transfer your engagement ring to your right hand before the ceremony begins.

1 Hour Before
Ushers arrive at church to place programs and pin on boutonnieres.

30 Minutes Before
DJ / Organist begin playing soft music.
Guests begin arriving.
Groom's family on the right hand side, Bride's on the left.

25 Minutes Before
Mother of the bride and bridesmaids leave for church.

20 Minutes Before
Bride and her father leave for church.

15 Minutes Before

The groom and best man arrive at church.

5 Minutes Before
Last minute guests arrive.
The groom and best man stand ready at the front of the church.

1 Mi
nute Before
Processional music begins.
The bride and her father enter the church.
Ceremony begins.