CHOOSING a wedding videographer


 So many people spend so much time on all of the other preparations and often overlook the 
importance of picking a suitable videographer to film their special day.  A good wedding film can help keep treasured memories alive forever.

We put together a few questions we are often asked during interviews with potential Clients:


What is your videography style (cinematic / documentary / mixture of both)?  
We film in high definition and do a mixture of both.

How many weddings have you filmed before?  What is your storytelling approach when it comes to filming a wedding?   
This is my 11th year as a wedding videographer.  I am the main videographer and my husband my assistant videographer.  We have filmed quite a number of weddings.  We pride ourselves on our client-driven results and boutique-like service by affording each project the attention it deserves.

Can I view samples of your recent work? 
You are most welcome to have a look at our recent weddings on our website  You can also have a look at our Facebook page for links to our recent weddings.

How do you coordinate with a wedding photographer?
We do both wedding videography and photography.  Working together as a team makes things easier and we compliment each other’s work.  Working with another photographer is always a challenge, but it is important to communicate to each other what is expected.  It is of utmost importance to stay professional at all times.  Our primary goal is to keep our wedding couple happy and stress free.

 Have you filmed at our location before?
 If we haven’t filmed at your location before we usually visit the venue before the wedding to acquaint ourselves with the layout.

 How many other events will you film that weekend?
 It will be brought to your attention at the meeting.

 Do you have backup equipment?
 We always have backup equipment when filming weddings.

 What does your packages include and what will I have to pay extra for?

When you contact us for the first time we send you an email with our different packages.  We have a variety of packages you can choose from.  At the first meeting we will discuss this with you.

Is editing included in your packages?  Will I receive a USB of the video?  If so, how many copies?
Yes editing is included.  You will receive 2 or 3 copies of your wedding with custom designed printed packaging.

Will you use the video in any advertising?
This will be discussed with you and put in writing in the contract.

How much of a deposit is required to hold the date?  When is the balance due?  What forms of payment do you accept?
We require a 35% booking fee of the total amount to confirm your date.  We have a down payment option.  The balance is due one week before your wedding day.  We only accept electronic transfers.  With every payment we send you an updated account that reflects the payment made by you.

Will there be a contract of the services to be provided?  If so, can we get a copy?  Do we receive confirmation of our booking?

We provide you with two copies of the contract.  Return one signed copy to us and keep one for your reference.  The terms and conditions are included in the contract.  Once your booking fee is paid, we send you an updated account that reflects the payment made by you.

What is your cancellation policy?
This will be discussed with you and is also stipulated in the contract.

What attire will the videographer and their assistant wear?
Our dress code will be appropriate for the occasion.

Will the videographer and assistant drink alcohol during our event?
It is strictly against our company policy to use alcohol during your event.  We stay professional at all times.

What are the terms and conditions?
This will be discussed with you and is also stipulated in the contract.

Do you charge travel fees?
We don’t charge a travel fee in Gauteng but we do charge a travel fee in other areas per kilometer.  This will be discussed with you and is also stipulated in the contract.

What does the videographer need from me - e.g. directions, food, accommodation?
We have a general questionnaire we go through with you to make sure we don’t miss important information.  We are on our feet for long hours and we will appreciate it if you provide a meal for the videographer and one assistant (if applicable) during the time when dinner is being served.  We are responsible for our own accommodation.  You need to provide a timeline for the day’s events.

Can I see a list of references and / or reviews?
You are most welcome to have a list of our Clients to do reference checks.  You can also have a look at our Facebook page for reviews as well as on our website on the "What Our Clients Say" page.

What makes you different from other videographers?
Our passion, drive, professionalism, friendly personalities, our fun way of capturing your memories and superior quality products!  We are always complimented on the wedding day about how relaxed our couples feel with us.  This allows us to capture truly candid moments.  We go the extra mile to keep our clients happy.  We love the expressions on their faces when they collect their products…..spoiling them with a gift to make them feel extra special.
Should my event last longer than scheduled, will you stay?  Is there an extra charge?
Everything is outlined in the contract and will be discussed with you during the meeting.

How far ahead should I book my reservation with you?  
It is preferred that you book no later than 6 to 9 months before the event.